Bishop Auckland’s Victorian Tearoom

Throughout the 200year history of the Grade 2 Listed Georgian Property number 7 Market Place which has been used for lots of activities including, domestic house, accountants, Solicitors, Private School, office for Doggarts shops, Post Office, Thai restaurant and now Victorian Coffee Tearooms.

There are 4 rooms in use for the tearooms and consist of the front room overlooking the Market Place with the window seat giving a great view of the Market Place and entrance to Bishop Auckland Castle, the room adjacent we call the safe room as the old post office, safe is still embedded in the wall with its Royal Crest of Lions, The third room is a cellar room and consists of old maps and prints, there is also an external original window frame made of solid oak which looks in to the fourth room where you will find a very old stone arch  surrounding an old Victorian  range.

The rooms in the cellar give the impression that the house above has been built on an existing building and pre-dating number 7 Market Place.  Throughout all of the tearooms there is a good range of antiques including prints, clocks, samovars, tea urns, chair’s, pews which all give a Victorian ambiance.

At Victorian Coffee Tearooms, we have a very good selection of teas and coffee. All coffee is supplied in bean form and only ground as required so as to give the freshest cup of coffee. Victorian Coffee Tearooms will also sell the coffee in bean or ground from, ready for use.

Our Range Of Amazing Tea’s and Coffee’s


Australian Skybury

Is described by renowned coffee roasters as rich and bold and is grown on top of the Great Dividing Range, 60 km west of Cairns. Skybury is one of our very best mild coffees and best served black.

Brazilian Santos

Arabica coffee, by the world’s largest producer. This coffee has a low acidity and a great body, many espresso blenders will use coffee from Brazil just for that reason.

Columbian Medelin

The worlds 2nd largest Arabica producer, Medelin is always smooth with a bright fresh full bodied flavour and never disappoints.

Daterra Sunrise

Is grown in Brazil on the part of the Estate of Daterra that gets the morning sun. It has a sweet chocolate flavor, a great filter coffee.

Espresso Crema

Roasted until oils start to emerge from the bean, this blend has a traditional Italian espresso flavour and an excellent Cream head.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

This coffee is one of the finest highland grown coffees from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. It has fine acidity, body and excellent mocha flavour and aroma.

Guatemala Huehuetenango

A fantastic coffee, which has a rich aroma with chocolate like tones, a heightened acidity and a crispness, which creates a well rounded cup of coffee.

Italian High Roast

This blend has a very strong flavour with a surprisingly thin liquor. A great morning coffee if you enjoy that early buzz and kick start to your day.

Ipanema Yellow Catuai

With this coffee from Brazil expect delicious nutty tones with a smooth full buttery finish.

Old Brown Java

This is a drinker’s coffee. Matured to produce a full rich body with a nice acid balance.


From the most prolific Indonesian coffee, producing island, this long berry gives a smooth, mellow, rounded medium strength coffee.

Tanzania Kongoni

An absolute gem from Tanzania. Slightly chocolaty nose before brewing.A great body for an African coffee creamy and intense.A lovely lingering slightly gamey aftertaste with undertones of dark chocolate.


Assam A

Full bodied and sharp with hints of walnut from the North East of India.

Blue Lady

China tea, with a cocktail of fragrant petals, distinctive and aromatic.

Black Wild Cherry

China Congou, flavoured with Black Wild Cherry

China Gunpowder

Also known as green pearls, the leaves of this popular green tea are pan fried and rolled into pellets. It produces a light green liquor with a delicate yet pungent taste.

Earl Grey

Aromatic and distinctive China tea, flavoured with Bergamot oil.

English Breakfast Indian

A blend, of Indian and Ceylon black tea. Refreshing and delicious.

Jasmine with Flower

China Foochow green tea with jasmine flowers added for a lovely sweet aroma.


Fruity aroma with hints of plum, pine and floweriness.

Lapsang Souchong Formosa

Distinctive smoky aroma, with a very full body.

Mango Jade Wings

Green tea with the delightful flavour and scent of Mango.

Sleeping Beauty

China Sencha laced with blackberry and raspberry flavour, rose buds and heather.

Vanilla Flavoured

China congou flavoured with Vanilla.